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COVID-19: Negative Oil Prices & Girl Scout Cookies

When I was in elementary school, my mom agreed to be the “cookie mom.” What that meant was that all of the Girl Scout cookies for my Brownie troop went to our house. Our entire living room was filled with cookie boxes. Thin mints, caramel delights, peanut butter patties, lemon pastry cremes, shortbread, iced ginger daisies, …. We had them all. Piles and piles of cookies. It was almost like a dream.

The night after the cookies arrived I drifted off to sleep…


I hear the doorbell ring and I run to answer it. It’s a truck full of cookies. I call out to my family, and we carry them into the kitchen since the living room is full. As soon as we close the front door the doorbell rings again. More cookies. We put them in my bedroom this time. Then with the next arrival they fill my siblings’ bedrooms, and then my parents’ bedroom, … Our house is filling up with cookies…

At first this is exciting. We have more cookies than we could ever want! But then the dream takes a dark twist.

“Ring Ring.” The phone rings, an order of Girl Scout cookies is cancelled. I hang up in confusion.

“Ring Ring.” The phone rings again. Another order cancelled….

And so the calls keep coming in…. No one wants to buy Girl Scout cookies. Meanwhile, the doorbell rings again. It’s more cookies. What are we going to do??