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Bakeonomics350: Intro to Baking and Economics 
Spring 2022 Syllabus

Introduction: Over the course of fourteen weeks, I will post about various baking and economics topics that follow along just as a course would.  We will start with the basics of microeconomics and continue on to more advanced topics.  The semester will end with brief overviews of Macro, Econometrics, and Financial Literacy. 

Download syllabus (or see below)

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Contact Information

Susan Carter


Course Grade

At this time, I do not have any rewards or punishments to incentivize you to actually read.



The assignments for this course are straightforward.  They involve reading the posts for each week.  Optional assignments include baking the associate recipes and posting about them on social media.  Tag me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook @bakeonomics350.  I reserve the right to add new readings or delete readings as I see fit.  


How to Succeed in this Course

1. Read.

2. Bake.

3. Remember that Econ is not a punishment.

4. Have fun!



All readings can be found on  See below for specific links.

Course Outline

Week 1 

Basic Concepts and Assumptions in Economics


Week 2


Week 3 

Basics of the Supply Curve


Week 4 



Week 5 

Equilibrium Continued: Elasticity & Price Controls


Week 6 

Externalities / Taxes


Week 7 



Week 8 

Short-Run and Long-Run Firm Decisions Perfect Competition


Week 9

Monopolies and Monopolistic Competition


Week 10

Asymmetric Information


Week 11 

Intro to Macroeconomics


Week 12

Intro to Econometrics


Week 13 

Intro to Financial Literacy

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