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The Magic of Chocolate Chips

Have you ever thought about why there are chocolate chips at the grocery store?

I mean really stopped to think about it. There you are, just a single person in need of some chocolate chips. And there at the store is a bag just waiting for you.

Well, let’s think about it. First, you are not unique in wanting chocolate chips. In fact, there are thousands (millions?) of people who want chocolate chips on a daily basis. Some people will want and be able to pay a lot for chocolate chips. Others have lower budgets and can only buy chips if the price is low enough. Collectively, all of these people (including you!) represent the consumers of chocolate chips. The demand.

Ok, so we have people who want to buy chocolate chips. Who are the benevolent souls who are willing to grow cocoa beans and then make them into chocolate chips JUST FOR YOU? That is so kind of them! Well it turns out that they aren’t just in it for the warm glow (as I think you already knew). They get paid to grow cocoa beans and turn them into chocolate chips.

Who pays them? Well, you! Indirectly of course. You pay the grocery store, who gets some of the money. They give the rest of the money to the company who produced the chocolate chips (let’s say Hershey’s). Hershey’s then pays for the cocoa beans and the machinery and the workers in their factories. Who pays the people who grow the cocoa beans? Well when Hershey’s paid for the cocoa beans, some of that money goes to the people who spent hours farming cocoa beans. So on and so forth.

When you go to buy chocolate chips, you are probably not thinking about the people in Ghana or the Ivory Coast or Indonesia growing the cocoa beans (Top Cocoa Producing Countries). And, let’s be honest, they aren’t thinking about you either. So, it’s pretty crazy that you can get chocolate chips anytime you want.