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First Mover Advantage & PopTarts

Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts. We’ve all had them. They are a huge staple in the breakfast market.

Who hasn’t “popped” one in the toaster on their way out the door (or, to be honest, skipped the toaster for a quicker -- although inferior -- option).

While I’m sure there are knock off brands for Pop-Tarts (as there are for most products), the pop-tarts we know and love is produced and sold under the Kellogg’s brand.

How did Kellogg’s come up with the idea for a packaged pastry? They copied it!

Turns out the brand Post was actually the first to come up with a long-lasting-pastry-in-a-bag-breakfast. They called them Country Squares. They developed the process of storing food in a package that keeps it fresh using the example of dog food… but that makes them sound gross, so let’s ignore that.

So, where did Post go wrong? They made the mistake (in retrospect) of telling people about it but then not putting them on the shelves immediately.

Six months after Post made the announcement of their new breakfast food… Kellogg’s had a new pastry treat available BEFORE Post had started shipping their products out.

Pop-tarts were immediately a hit.