What is Bakeonomics350?

The core principles of economics are in every decision we make, so it makes me sad when people say they don't understand economics or they hated their undergrad economics course.  

In this blog, I walk through basic concepts of economics or explain news events using digestible language and relatable examples.  Each blog also centers around something related to baking, and I either share or refer you to a recipe at the end of each one.  

Why 350?  350 degrees is a common baking temperature, and since you will hopefully learn something on this blog, Bakeonomics350 is your course number.  

Economics is for everyone, and I believe the concepts on here are useful to everyone.  

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Financial Literacy Week


If you don't keep track, your money is like cookies in a cookie jar. 


I budget my time and my money.  Here's why it is important.


Friendship Bread grows and grows... just like money you have invested


If you didn't go to the coffee shop for a year how much money could you have at retirement


When baking a pie, you have to monitory the crust and the filling.

Recent Posts


The Magic of Chocolate Chips

Have you ever thought about how prices drive demand and supply together?

GDP, Consumption, &Cornbread

GDP, Consumption, &Cornbread


GDP, Consumption, &Cornbread

What is GDP? How do you calculate it?  What are different types of consumption?

GDP, Consumption, &Cornbread

GDP, Consumption, &Cornbread

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Micro Basics

Demand and Supply






Financial Literacy


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